SHINee @ Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio 1/20/09

Okay, so I think that OnKey (Onew+Key) are frequent guests at her radio, beause they go like every once a week. I couldn’t find (or remember) which picture they took on this night, so I’m just going to upload some of my favorite OnKey pictures at her radio show. ^^

Also, I love seeing pictures they’ve taken at radio shows. Because most of the time it’s not viewable radio, they wear what they want and illustrate their true sense of fashion, and it’s really interesting to see. There are also somethings we would else never see, like ONDUBU WEARING A BASEBALL CAP! DITTO KEY! Has anyone else noticed that when left to his own devices, Onew likes pink sweaters? x] And Key reallyyyy likes that piano key (pun unintended) beanie hat thing. ^^


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