SHINee’s Reebok CF 1/19/09

Okay, so for the record, SHINee’s Reebok CF was actually filmed a couple of days before their promotional activities ended. Still, I kind of want to start from here because it’s SO HOT. AND. IT’S ONLY THE TEASER. WHICH MEANS A LONGER ONE IS COMING OUT. SOON. AND I’M SAYING IT BETTER BE SOON, IT’S BEEN ABOUT 2 WEEKS ALREADY. Here it is~ (the english subbed version) ^^:


Key in disguise in those dorky glasses is hilariously adorkable and hot. Minho, of course, the sly one…ahahaha. Slick move there with the basketball, no? Hahas, Biker Jonghyun. He totally fits that badboy gangsta image, especially with that smirk. ;] When Taemin came out, I laughed out loud. Literally. Boarder Taemin! Hahas. He was SO ADORABLE in that laced up hoodie. I saved Onew for last because he only came on for like half a second. I loved his sexy overvoice. ;)

Pictures coming up next!

Video Credits to: shineesubs02


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