SHINee @ So Yoo Jin’s Radio 1/24/09

Hahas. They wore their Reebok CF outfits. =D

Soooo~ This is a performance of Stand By Me, the OST they contributed to the currently popular KDrama Boys Over Flowers (BOF recently pulled in an almost 30% rating this week).

And this~ it made me laugh sooo hard. It’s a trot medley, and Ondubu is SO HYPER. Wow, he must REALLY REALLY like trot. Parental influence? Lols. It’s adorable. Jonghyun’s little high ‘shabang shabang’ s in Shabang Shabang were so cute. And Key is pretty good at trot too. =D You can totally tell that Taemin and Minho are embarrassed by their hyungs. Kekeke.

SHINee parodying BOF…?? Lols. It’s so cute, and all of them are so adorable when acting. Ahahahas. Minho is so embarrassed by his cheesy lines, Key and JH are laughing at the other members’ lines, Onew is sooo funny as Goo Jun Pyo, and ZOMFG TAEMIN. AHAHAHAS. I literally fell off of my chair, laughing. My favorite line of his was when he was like ‘You’re soooo dead.’

Video Credits to: randy19972 and shineesubs02


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