SHINee Nanas’ B CF 2/7/09

And the Nanas’ B just keeps on coming…

There is just absolutely no way that I can upload all of the Nanas’ B Pictures. (FYI, my header is also from the Nanas’ B photoshoot, as are the 2 pictures in my first post ‘About SHINee’.) This makes for a total of three CFs that our boys have done. ^^

.Fights with jealousy. Lols. *WARNING* DO NOT WATCH if you think that you’re going to get super jealous and start throwing things, etc. by the sight of Taemin holding hands with a girl and Minho kissing a girl’s cheek.
Who is she? Lee Seyoung, Actress, Born in 1992.

It’s so funny and cute to see SHINee acting their age, especially when they tease and rough house with Minho at the end or when their expressions are all like ‘o0o0o0o0o’ when a pretty girl bumps into Taemin. Hahas. And of course normal boys their age DEFINITELY says, ‘You use the same makeup we use!’ I love you SHINee. And I have to say, I really liked the colors in the CFs and I liked that they showed Taemin and Minho being more comfortable with girls. Our babies are growing up. T-T

…Speaking of CFs…where’s the full version of their Reebok CF? Or was that it??? T-T

Video Credits to: randy19972


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