SHINee SINA Interview 2/3/09

So. I’m not exactly sure what SINA is, but judging from the little eye doll microphone thingy, I’m going to assume it has something to do with…glasses? I remember seeing somewhere a picture of Key wearing glasses for SINA or something.
The interview is basically the same things we’ve been hearing the past 9 months from other interviews of them. The only new things are that they talk about wanting to meet their Chinese fans and their repackaged album. I can totally tell that they are super bored saying the same thing for the thousandth time but they’re being nice and hyper for the camera. ^^ I love how Bling is just like nonchalantly holding the doll microphone thing and then right before Minho started talking, he almost but not quite withdrew the microphone because he was so used to Minho not talking during interviews. I’m so glad Mino isn’t as introverted anymore. =] I’m going to assume this interview was for…Taiwan? Because they greet the camera in Chinese first and introduce themselves; also, there are Chinese subs at the bottom.

Video Credits to: shineesubs02


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