Soooo. Some fancams (Down below). A few pictures (In the next post). =]
SHINee, Zhang Liyin, SNSD, DBSK and Super Junior attended, as did about 40,000 fans.


Replay BOOM TRACK *bad sound quality

*better sound quality, but LQ

Run It


SMTOWN Interaction+Collaboration *only Key from SHINee is visible in this fancam

SMTOWN Interaction+February Birthdays in SMTOWN *keep your eyes open for SHINee and dun dun dun the CAKE MOMENT.

Run It, Love Should Go On, Real *SHINee uptil 2:35, rest is a combination of other perfs.


Love Should Go On

In My Room

SMTOWN Dance Battle *Taemin uptil 0:35. Basically the dance he’s done at the other SMTOWN LIVEs; the second vid is a better quality and upclose. OHEMJESUS, CATCH THAT LITTLE SMIRK IN THE BEGINNING AT 0:05. So our little Taem has all grown up now, huh? Wow. Random, but all of SHINee’s smirks are soooo sexy and hot. Lols.

And Bling’s solo with Kyuhyun from Super Junior *just more excellent proof of JH’s excellent live vocals.

Video Credits to: PeacefulxChaos, Kizms329, kiLLuaXkeita, belladonna81, thantida, bbiwzz, GRAISIN, arinasom


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  1. […] SHINee @ SMTOWN LIVE In BANGKOK *Edit. 2 New videos uploaded; one of Taemin’s dance solo, and one of Jonghyun’s duet with Kyuhyun of Super Junior. Click here. […]

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