SHINee Nanas’ B CF (Longer Version, Love Triangle) 2/12/09

Uwahhh. Love triangle with 2MIN??? Hmmm. Anyhoo, basically, Taemin and Minho both fall for the girl, and I guess the girl likes Taemin because he’s the one she bumps into on purpose into the library and all of SHINee is shocked by her beauty. Then Taemin holds the girl’s books and they walk, talking and laughing while Minho gazes wistfully behind a bookshelf. In the classroom, Minho goes over to ask the girl something, is taken in by her beauty and kisses her cheek. The girl is shocked and pushes him away (but you can tell she liked it) and Minho picks up her makeup for her and goes over to the rest of SHINee where they laugh at him (they are SO TOTALLY SAYING the Korean version of ‘Get sooome!’); Taemin gets angry, grabs her hand, and walks out of the room while the rest of SHINee looks on in shock. Oooooooo. Drama. I like it. Especially since Taemin seems to have a more mature, less cute image here, like he grew up.

Video Credits to: randy19972

I guess this means that there won’t be a seperate version for each member? =[ I highly doubt that the PD is gonna made them do a love pentagon. o-O Oh wells. I kind of suspected that there wouldn’t be a seperate version for each member because there weren’t any pictures of it.


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