SHINee Seoul Music Awards 2/12/09

UWAHHHHH. CONGRATS, SHINee!!! And so SHINee wins the Newcomer Award once again, adding to their impressive repertoire of awards. Their new outfits make them look very mature and handsome. They’re slowly shedding their cute image. Onew and Taemin’s hair have grown some, which makes them even more adorable.  This time, they didn’t show any tears (I’m kinda sad about that, but then again this is the 10th time or so that they’re winning the Newcomer Award, so it was expected I guess. When they cried at MKMF and the Golden Disk Awards, I cried with them. It was very touching.) Also, they went up to recieve the Bonsang Award and Mobile Popularity Award for DBSK who is currently promoting in Japan and thus couldn’t attend the awards. The Wonder Girls won the Daesang, and I added that clip because there’s a short, cute cut around 6:00 of Taemin and Key dancing along to the encore Nobody. Congrats to all those who won. ^^ You know, watching the Wonder Girls win the Daesang made me wonder when SHINee will win the Daesang. I guess we’ll have to faithfully watch until the end. ^^

Their performance is basically what they did for the MBC Gayo DaeJeJun with the cool dance break in the beginning and an uneven medley of Replay and Amigo.

I…feel…a random…comparison coming on…that I must indulge…Okay. Watching SHINee, all of a sudden it struck me how they’re not NEW anymore. They’re so much more experienced, talented, and mature than back then, which is to be expected of course. It just came so fast. I don’t know about everyone else, but 2008 went reallyy fast. I noticed a couple of changes in the boys’ demeanors…Like how I swear all of them got taller…and cuter…and of course, different hairstyles. Key’s voice got deeper, and he walks differently, like more confidently, and he definitely got a lot cooler and polished. Taemin isn’t as innocent-little-boy-cute anymore. He’s still cute, of course, that’s a given, but he’s grown up too. That struck me the most when Taemin did that reallyy cool, manly dance in a suit for the SBS Gayo Daejun Dance Battle. Minho’s awkwardness is all gone now, and he’s much less camera shy and he’s become much more outgoing and more comfortable with his height and long limbs. Onew also got a bit more mature…he stills smiles a lot and the Onew Sangtae is still going on but less so, and he got polished too, and more handsome. Jonghyun just got even more confident, outgoing, and cheerful. And remember when they debuted, they were sooo skinny? They’re still thin, but they fill out their outfits better, their shoulders are broader and…they’ve grown up. I feel nostalgia coming on. I can’t wait for their comeback and see how much more they’ve changed, grew up, and become ready to impress us further.

Video Credits to: shineee16, randy19972, meyriel14, wondersmurf


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