SHINee Attending Hollywood Bowl 2009!!!

“Through Korea Times, it has been confirmed that our boys, SHINee will be attending the Hollywood Bowl Concert on May 9, 2009. A number of people have made calls to Korea Times asking about SHINee’s attendance, and indeed it has been confirmed by one of our members; ShineeLuv (Nico). He questioned if SHINee would be attending, and the Korea Times employee answered yes, saying that SHINee would be officially announced at the next “Artist Release” on the Hollywood Bowl Soompi Thread. This was meant to be kept a secret, but how could we possibly resist telling our members? So in short, YES. SHINee will be attending HB 2009 in May”
– loveshane. @ SHINee Forums International

Ahhhhhh. I’m sooooo happy they’re coming to America…but I live on the East coast DAMMIT. I’m going to start crying any second now. Lols. Ahh. Well. Congrats, SHINee!


2 Responses

  1. Omg!! That’s awesome news! Too bad i live in Oklahoma…Lol. But i wish them luck, hopefully they’ll get a chance to perform closer to central U.S haha. I want to go see them SOOOO BAD! I pray they become more popular in the U.S so we all get a chance to see them live.( :

    Keep shining SHINee!!

  2. hi how are you SHinee i love SHinee :E

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