SHINee SMTOWN LIVE in BANGKOK (Backstage) 2/13/09

Sooo, this was released on UFO Town for Valentine’s Day. It’s clips of them BTS SMTOWN LIVE in BANGKOK, and it’s sooo adorable. I was starting to forget what their personalities were like. They’re sooo adorable riding on the scooters, and it was SO CUTE when Taemin was like ‘Ahhh!’ as he was riding his, and Key making that apprehensive noise as he was driving that random vehicle. And Taemin waving and jumping and making random comments in the background while Onew was talking was adorable, as was Onkey’s ‘Hwaiting!’ It was so adorable when Jonghyun tacked on as an afterthought, ‘And we’ll do our best!’. And it was super funny when Taemin is like “Bangkok is a cooooold land’ and then Onew gives him that part exasperated, part amused, part you’re-so-cute, part what-are-you-talking-about look that I give my friends all the time when they say something weird. And then Taemin unzips his jacket to show off his tank top and then says ‘Until here!’ and zips it right back up. Ahahahas. And Key noticed the camera halfway through and the next shot shows him talking with his headphones away. .Sigh. I missed you guys. And I’m so glad your personalities are as quirky and cute as ever. I could tell that they had a lotttt of fun at the concert. I’m glad. ^^

Video Credits to: AhMiG0


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