Some SHINee Fanvids

Such cuuuuute fanvids.

Taemin *ohemjesus, I was just reminded all over again of how cute Taemin was.

Key *Whoa. I just wowed at this fanvid. I love the whole dramatic classical music and clips of Key to go along with it. It was wonderful, well-made, unique, and original.

Onew *little clips of his barely accented English. Random, but, SHINee is prettyyy good at English. Key, of course, is wonderful at English, no accent at all. Jonghyun has a little bit of an accent, but I know Key is working with him on that. Taemin and Onew barely have accents. I have to say, Minho has the heaviest accent out of the five.

Video Credits to: randy19972


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