Vote for SHINee on Yahoo! Kids Rival. VOTING ENDS 11:59 KOREAN TIME.


OSTs from Boys Over Flowers Popularity vote.
SS501’s Because I’m Foolish vs SHINee’s Stand By Me

WE HAVE UNTIL 10 AM Eastern Standard Time to extend our lead against SS501’s Because I’m Foolish.

Attention SHINee World, please vote!

Voting is 5 points.
Voting is 10 points when you’re logged in with your Yahoo account (ymail, yahoo account)
Commenting is 15 points.
Uploading a picture is 20 points.

Hwaiting SHINee! =]
If you’re not Korean, then some directions:
When you click on the link, on the right will be a green box with the votes so far for Stand By Me by SHINee. Right underneath is another, bigger green box. There are two white, long buttons/links. Click on the first one, the one with less characters. A pop-up window will come up, asking whether or not you’re sure you’re voting for SHINee. Click OK, and you’re done! =]


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