SHINee to Appear on 2PM’s Everyone Idol Show!!! (Preview released 2/21/09)

AHHHHH!!!! I’m sooooo excited. They haven’t appeared on a variety show TOGETHER in a reallyyyy long time. In fact, they havent been on official broadcasts in a long time…or so it seems. It seems so fun! I wonder when they recorded it. Anyhoo~ I hope it comes out soon~ =] Looks like there’s a LOT of couple moments. Seems like it’ll be broadcasted next week or so. =D One thing I don’t get…is After School gonna be guests on there too or what? And then there were some other girls…The thing is, though, the one time I saw this, SNSD came out and basically they picked couples and played games and stuff. That was for a Lunar New Year’s Special, and I’m not sure if the format is still the same, etc. Very confusing. Anyway, I’m sure we’re gonna enjoy it. (Sorry, gonna give into bias…ONKEY MOMENT!!! AHHHH! *HYPERVENTILATES*)

And some stills…
Yes, I do believe that is Nick Khun and Jonghyun (or Minho) in the first picture, Onew and Key in the second, Taemin and Bom in the third, and I think Jonghyun and Minho in the fourth. OMJ CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S BROADCASTED, espesh since I like 2PM also.

Video Credits to: randy19972


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