SHINee’s Reebok Jam Collection Fansign Event 2/20/09

Hmm. They’ve all gotten even HOTTER if possible. And their hair grew out, which is also hot, espesh Key (I’m kind of Key-biased today. Sowwie~). Hahas. I guess they were all cold. Their clothes were kinda on the skimpy side. Hahas. I guess their designer was going for the ‘too cool to be cold’; but Jonghyun was all like ‘Isn’t everyone cold? it’s so cold!’ and then Onew was like ‘But we look good, don’t we?’ Ahahahahahas! And then the wind blew really hard all of a sudden and they all fixed their hair except for Taem who just kinda shook his hair out. Lols. So adorable.

Key Fancam *I love how his actions are like that of a little kid’s…like, ahhhhh it’s so cold, must zip up…or ahhhh my hair keeps getting into my eyes, must keep fixing it. xDD

Onew Fancam *So cute! Ontae moment around 0:25. Hahas, there’s a very short cut of him in his puffy jacket sitting down later on over his cold outfit. xD He has such a sweet smile, I’m having Onew ache right now.

Minho Fancam *Lols, I would have NEVER thought of putting that background music to a fancam of Minho’s. xDD

Jonghyun Fancam *I think his nose started running around 0:35, and that’s why they were all cracking up. xDD Awwws poor Jonghyun. I hope they don’t all catch cold.

Video Credits to: AhMiG0, yootina, randy19972


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