SHINee @ Shim Shim Tapa Radio 2/22/09

Ahhh. Having Onew ache again~ Lols. This is a video (audio only) of cuts of Onew speaking English. His accent is really good, he just needs to work on grammar and vocabulary. ^^ His voice is so soothing. And I love that CLRIDE picture of him, he’s hot in glasses. =D
Okay~ So he says thank you to his Thai fans…and then Shindong says “Oh, we’ve heard that you study really hard,” and then Onew says “Oh…recently I’ve been resting and taking a break,” and they all LOL. And his ‘sorry’ is adorable, I would forgive him for anything…and then he’s like, ‘When I was little and I had to memorize how to say numbers in English, I learned it by a song, like this…” Ahahahahahas, that song is cuuute. It’s put to the tune of Doe, a deer, a female deer, etc. I forget what it’s called, I know it was in Sound of Music. And then Onew and…Minho? Jonghyun? teach the hosts how to say ‘Don’t Wanna Try’ by Frankie J (which, incidentally, was my favorite song last month) and then they joke around saying that it means you don’t have to try too hard to study, or something like that. And darnit, I thought Onew was gonna sing it, but no. xDD

And some pictures:
Ahh! That last picture! I love doing that, like you’re holding someone. xD

Video Credits to: AhMiG0


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