SHINee @ Lee Soo Young’s Starry Night Radio 2/24/09

Yhayyyy~ Onew AND Key Solo! Feels like it’s been a long time since Onew sang a solo…I don’t know why. Anyway~

Onew Singing Hope by Na Yoon Kwon (Goong OST…I didn’t recognize it…did anyone else? I’ve watched Goong twice and it sounds pretty unfamiliar. xD) Beautifully soft voice is wonderful as usual. =]

Key Singing Shabang Shabang by Park Hyun Bin…Lols, this used to be Onew’s domain, espesh this song; trot? Yeah, Onew. Lols. But Key’s voice is pretty suited for trot. But that host in the background was REALLY ANNOYING. Sorry, I don’t know what she’s like in real life, but zomfg…I wanted to like duct tape her mouth closed. Just listen, and you’ll see how annoying it is. >>

The video versions came out~:
Ohmigoooood. I’m having Onew ache SO BAD RIGHT NOW. His outfit is so stylish and slim and fitting. His hair makes him look so sexy and hot and grown up. When he fixed his headphones, I was like ‘Aww…’ so it was TOTALLY unexpected when he just like ripped off his headphones. I was like :OOOO. And then he unbuttoned his top button! So sexily! Like in the movies/dramas! I was even more like :OOOO. And then when he finished a long note and like just went down, I was like o-O ONEW! WHERE’D YOU GO??? Lols. And his adorable scrunchy face when he was singing high and his awkward laugh when the annoying radio host was like ‘Oppa, you’re so cool~’ when she’s older than him by A LOT. Ohmigod. He grew up SO MUCH, I like felt for the first time that he’s 19. He’s acting his age (he’s in college now~!) and I really like it, it’s hot but it also makes me sad. I hope he still retains some of his cute personality and Onew Sangtae. And dang. Holy cow is his voice powerful. It’s practically on par with Jonghyun now! For once, this day, Onew outdid Key in the sexy department. I have a strong suspicion that when SHINee comes back, they aren’t going to be our cute boys anymore.

I repeat, that radio host is so annoying.

And some pictures:
Get off of my OnKey. ~_~

Video Credits to: randy19972


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