SHINee’s Reebok Photoshoot, Interview, and More BTS CLIPS Released 2/24/09


Photoshoot+Interview *Wow. I really liked their outfits in the beginning, actually, before they changed. And I love their blown up hair. MingBling tummy flashes! Hahas. Love Bling’s expressions. Adorable Minho is all like…I think the shoes are so pretty (Shoes Numoo Yeppeoh? LOLS). xD And of course he brings up basketball. AND LOLS. WHEN TAEM IS BEING INTERVIEWED, HE’S ALL LIKE… Oh, the white shoes are the best because they’re very clean and smart and…I’m wearing them. I totally LOLed. Is it just me, or is our little Taem…getting CONFIDENT? =DD Key and Onew are adorkable as usual, with Onew’s sexy overvoice in the beginning and end…’Reebok…SHINee Jam Collection.’

More BTS Clips *Hahas. I just love BTS clips, the boys are so funny, hyper, and cute. Key (did a random Amigo move, keep your eyes open for it) is so adorkable in glasses! And then really cool when he’s all serious. Onew is so sexy on the phone. And then Onkey running around and being dorky. SO CUTE. And LOLs at Bling just waving his arms around. Too bad he wasn’t actually riding the motorcycle. He totally fits the badass image. Taem is so cute…’we’ve done it like five or ten times already!’ And then pumps his arms into the air. And then their usual good manners. =]

Video Credits to: randy19972


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