SHINee @ Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio FM 2/25/09

Uwahh. Finally, all of SHINee made a radio appearance! It’s been awhile, boys. =] Onew is wearing a puffy black jacket (he likes those, doesn’t he? He has a purple one and brown one, too) and I wish his jacket was unzipped, his shirt looked interesting. It was gray with black stripes, I kinda wanted to see the design. Taem is wearing his black prince coat, Jonghyun is wearing his stylish but cold Russian outfit, Minho is wearing a stylish turtleneck, and Key is dressed the most casual with an interesting sweater/jacket.

Stand By Me *hahas, a great live as usual, I think they were trying hard to do REALLY good because Someday was there. I have to say, they succeeded. Best Stand By Me live I’ve seen from them so far. =] Key was pretty hyper, with his little flicks in time to the music. So was Onew and Taemin, they did little hand motions. So cute. =]

And a fancam…dang. These boys have super scary accurate fancam radar. I swear ALL of them looked at this fancam atleast once.

Stand By Me Jonghyun Fancam (you can see the other members, also) *a closer view. =] Jonghyun kept glancing at the fancam and smiling. ^^ Hahas.

Minho and LeeTeuk fancam *I love how Minho is so close to all of his sunbae hyungs. Very cute. I think that LeeTeuk probably got a new hairstyle for Super Junior’s upcoming comeback…=]

Onew/Taemin fancam *So cute and sweet.

Do You Know by Someday *Someday was also a guest. I have to say, they’re REALLY good live, with nice acapella touches. I added this vid because it was a really good performance, and I like this BOF OST. It’s very soothing. It also brought to mind…’I kinda want SHINee to do a song like this with those acapella touches. =D’ After all, they’ve already had some experience with that, e.g. Love Should Go On.

And some pictures:

Video Credits to: AhMiG0, bazoongkas, randy19972


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