SHINee @ Daegu University 2/26/09

I’m not sure about the date. But they’re wearing new outfits, and the fancam was uploaded today, so I’m going to assume it was today. It’s just a Jonghyun fancam. =]

o0o0o0o. I just love it when the boys wear obviously casual clothes. They look so good in like fitting sweaters (i.e. Bling) and semi-normal jeans.

His lip-licking/tongue action was very hot. ;] Out of all the SHINee members, I think Jonghyun has the most sensitive camera radar. :DD He was glancing at it the entire time, and he even turned towards it every chance he got. Awwws, sweet Bling fanservice.

Key must’ve been having a picnic. After all, Daegu is Key’s hometown. ;]

o0o0o. Amigo fancam. I think this person was an OnHyun fan. =] Anyhoo~ Onew says “Everybody, AMIGO!” So cute! His English is soooo good. I love it when the SHINee boys talk in English. They were so energetic, and poor Taemin looked a little bit dizzy after his dance solo. xDD Not live, unfortunately.

And some pictures:

Video Credits to: AhMiG0


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  2. […] SHINee @ Daegu University 2/26/09 *Update. Cute Amigo fancam uploaded. Click here. […]

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