SHINee @ Nanas’ B Fanmeeting Event 2/28/09

Just a few fancams. =]

Replay Boom Track Fancam *not very good quality~ lots of fanscreams. =] And…do I hear a GUY’s voice??? o-O

Jonghyun singing Billie Jean *Lols, he’s so good at Michael Jackson imitations.

Key rapping XIAHTIC *Lols, he’s all like…uhhh what? OHHH. Ummm….*I don’t have music T^T* lolols. So cute.

Taemin dancing *just a few poppin moves. xD *hands on hips* uhhh… lolols~! That’s totally what he was doing in the beginning. Sooo cute. He got more mature, like his smile is less babyish. ^^

Minho rapping *Low quality sound…:/

ONEW RAPPING?!?! * Lolols. He totally had the fans going and then it’s just ‘One-two-three stand up let’s go!’ LOLS. Love JongKeyHo cracking up. Bet you they knew what was coming. xD Love OnTae moments.

I missed Onew Sangtae. =]

And some cute pictures:

Video Credits to: AhMiG0, bazoongkas, shineee16, yootina


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