SHINee Goes to School

I was just reading random articles on KPOP when I came across one which reminded me of SHINee’s education. =DD Sooo. Our Taeminnie is in high school now! He’s enrolled in Chongdang secondary school which is in Kangnam, Seoul (from what I’ve heard, Kangnam is a pretty prestigious area). He participated in the orientation ceremony 3/2/09. To quote:
”It’s both heartthrobbing and exciting to become a high school student…Although SHINee’s schedule is busy, I’ll pay attention eagerly to the school life and activities. Also I’ll try to make plenty of new friends.”
Awwws~ ^^
He looks good in his uniform, doesn’t he? ^^ So I guess I’m just going to give you guys the lowdown on SHINee and their education. First up, Onew! So he passed his college entrance exam and he’s majoring in Radio Broadcasting.

And, did you know, Onew graduated 2nd? His ranking was NUMBER TWO. Like dang. Our leader is SMART. =]

And Minho is also in high school. Here’s a fancam of Taemin and Minho in uniform, practicing. Taemin is in his middle school uniform. They look good in uniforms, don’t they? =] I’m guessing sometimes they don’t have time to change after school and have to go straight to rehearsal.

Wow, is it already March??? I remember spazzing over this and how cute they are in uniform. And then the MKMF after that…and then they didn’t appear on Mnet after that…o_O
Key is the same age as Minho, and he should also be in high school, but I think he’s been taking a break ever since SHINee debuted. Ditto Jonghyun, he should be in his freshman year of college along with Onew, but I think he’s also been taking a break since SHINee debuted.

Video Credits to: JuZmEStaR, Chococookii, misterkrabspatties


3 Responses

  1. fighting shinee!!!

  2. omg i love SHINee like crazy <3
    ur informatin was great n thanx for the pics!! taeminnie looks so good in his uniform=P

  3. top shinee videos…

    […]SHINee Goes to School « SHINee’s World[…]…

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