SHINee on 2PM’s Every1 Idol Show 3/5/09

FINALLY!!! IT’S OUT!!! I haven’t anticipated something this much since SHINee made a comeback with Amigo.

OKAY. WELL. IT’S SO ADORABLE AND CUTE AND FUNNY. There are just way too many cute moments to comment on, so you’ll just have to watch for yourself. I was laughing 75% of the time and ‘awwwww’-ing the other 25%. Our boys are so handsome and adorkable and funny and talented. 2PM was super funny too. I loved all the couples and love triangles, etc. I also absolutely loved how all of SHINee was practically shorter than 2PM. Sooooooo cute. This is absolutely a must watch~! It was hilarious. Part 2 of the episode comes out next week (YHAY~! It looks even better!!!).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Solo performances~

Key and Taemin Dance to Do It Well:

Minho ft. Jonghyun; Minho rapping, Jonghyun providing background vocals (dunno how to translate the title into English):

Jonghyun Singing Baby Baby:

Onew Singing The Last Time:

Jonghyun and Junsu Duet I Believe I Can Fly; this is just wow. :

Ohemjeebus. This episode just totally made my day. All of the boys have matured and gotten more energetic and cute. I LOVE YOU SHINEE~~~~~~! HWAITING! Can’t wait ’til next week again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch it for the third time. xDD

‘SHINee before flowers’…how appropriate. =]

Video Credits to: AhMiG0, mwtshinee, WERShining, mellongreenleaf


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