SHINee @ ‘Young and Fun Party’ @ Suwon 3/2/09

Congratulatory performance. Only an Onew fancam.

No smiley Onew that day. =[ Just a few sexy smirks, and that was it. I’m sad because he’s growing up really fast, or so it seems. He’s not dorky anymore, he knows exactly what the fans want, like the little waves, smirks, etc. He was in his zone though, very energetic dancing, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t live. I love hot Onew, but I kind of miss adorkable Onew too. I love the fanchants…=] LEE JIN-KI! SHA-EE-NEE! KIM KI-BUM! KIM JONG-HYUN! etc. lols.

Video Credits to: shineee16


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