From. SHINee 3/11/09

FINALLY~!!! Finally finally finally they wrote new notes. All five of them!! =D It’s been two months. I was so happy. Totally made my day. Here are the translations and pictures~! I made it as accurate as possible, including punctuation and faces. ^^

Since Onew is the leader, of course he posted first!!! xDD

From. ONEW
Hello! I am SHINee’s leader Onew!
Hahaha, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written something on From. SHINee~ ^^
I guess because spring is coming…the sunlight has gotten warmer. The wind is still a little cold~ but this feeling of waiting for spring is new!
How does everyone feel?
Recently, I’ve been recording, practicing, and writing and organizing my day in a diary before I go to sleep. Hahaha!
This habit of writing in a diary lets me look back on my day, and it feels really good~ before you go to sleep~ if you have a little time left, just two or three lines…write like a short memo ^^ I really like it hehe ^^
From now on, everyone take good care of your health so everyone can become healthy fans of SHINee~!
I’ll go away now~ hehehe ^^
The new feeling of a new school term. Be happy everyday~ and one more time, may you receive many blessings ^^
I’ll come again~ Always with SHINee, let’s go forward together~
-Sincerely Onew-

From. Jonghyun
Yes~~ it’s Jonghyun.
It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? It’s already spring.
Everyone’s been doing good, right? Everyone?
Me…I have been doing good.
Recently, I’ve been practicing…recording…with the other members.
To become stronger, I’ve been exercising everyday.
I guess everyone has received many blessing for New Year’s…
Since it’s a new school term, I guess everyone’s been having a fun school life?
That’s such an obvious statement, I guess that’s no fun-;;
There have been a lot of good songs recently, right?
Listen to them a lot…
This year, like always, you will go with SHINee, right??
Then, until here-

From. Minho
Hello~ I am SHINee’s Flaming Charisma Minho!
For the 2009 New Year, everyone’s received a lot a lot of blessings right?
And everyone’s been healthy right?
This year, too, I would like to spend making lots of precious memories together with everyone!!!
The reason SHINee shines is because of everyone.
You will become an eternal fan of shining SHINee, right?
We will leave our traces.
Spend everyday thinking of us and having fun!!!

From. Key
Hello! I am SHINee’s Almighty Key!..

Everyone that must’ve already received blessings…
That happy events might happen for everyone this year~~ Key will be praying in his heart.
Key is spending every day working hard. ‘-‘*
Since it’s been a long time since I’ve written on From. SHINee, everyone is happy that I wrote today, right?
Since I will write on here every so often and surprise everyone, anticipate it ‘ -‘*
Please wait healthily until we come back with our contemporary image…. Kekekeke.
I would really like it if we could spend a happy, healthy year with lots of laughs!
Spend this year working hard! Healthily! SMILE!
Spend a happy spring day ‘ -‘*

From. Taemin
Hello!!! ^^* I am SHINee’s Youngest Taemin~!!

Everyone’s received lots of New Year’s blessings, right?
Since I’ve become a real high school student, I keep thinking that I should work really hard, but recently, every day goes by recording and practicing with my hyungs!!!
Since the weather is soon going to get warm, I hope good things will happen for everyone~^^;;;
While I was promoting, I was able to feel many things because of everyone~~
Until we meet again, I am going to practice really hard!!!
This year too, I will work really hard to show a really cool, ultra-SHINee side~~ ^^*
And I won’t forget to visit From. SHINee again~
Everyone, see you next time~~
Fighting!!! ^^* Then, bye bye2~;

So cute! I think Onew, Key, and Taem write the cutest notes with cute little Korean versions of ‘lol’s and cute faces. I like the black and white pictures. =] Our Taem looks very grown up. Bling is funny and random. xD And Minho is so manly. And Key actually wrote ‘SMILE!’ in English; and it’s so cute how he writes in the third person!!! ^^ Onew is kind of poetic, isn’t he? Lols. He keeps a diary o0o0o0o. =D

Some extra 411:
For those who aren’t familiar with Korean culture~ Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year. There’s a greeting that you say on this day that is the equivalent of the English ‘Happy New Year’ but literally translates to ‘May you receive many blessings this year’. Most of the time, little kids get what’s called New Year’s money if they go to an adult and say it. ^^ Also, the Korean school year ends in February and starts in March with summer and winter vacations in between. The Korean school system works on the 3 year high school system. That’s why our Taem just got into high school. ^^ ‘Hyung’ is the male term for ‘older brother’; it is also an affectionate term used for older guy friends. Also, ‘Fighting!’ (also pronounced and sounds more like ‘Hwaiting!’) means something like ‘Let’s go!’, ‘Work hard!’, ‘Be Strong!’, etc. something along those lines. It’s hard to exactly translate, but it’s a commonly used phrase. =]


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  1. I’m glad that they left a message.
    I hope they’ll be giving updates about them more often.

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