SHINee Jonghyun Wins #1 For Best Natural Face on ETN!!! 3/5/09

UWAHHHH WOWWW~!!!! SERIOUSLY???? ZOMFG. Wow. BLING BLING JONGHYUN! OUR PUPPY JJONG! WON #1 FOR BEST NATURAL FACE! Whooaaaa. So proud! He tied with Micky Yoochun. I love Bling’s face! It’s so sweet, cute and manly. Wow. I’m really glad and proud. =D Kind of surprising though~ I thought fans maybe liked Taemin’s or Minho’s face more? A little bit of a surprise (my eyes nearly popped out) but congrats Bling!!! Must’ve been so happy, espesh tying with a DBSK sunbaenim! ^^

…does this mean that the rest of SHINee had plastic surgery???? o-O;;

I certainly hope not. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t; there’s plenty of pre-debut pictures of them, and they look exactly the same, just more grown up. I wonder if they were voted on, too? =]] So proud~!

Video Credits to: mwtshinee


One Response

  1. i dont think the rest have plastic surgery..they all look normal..hehe…i love jonghyun and onew and taemin so much!!!

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