SHINee @ PATTAYA Music Awards Festival 3/19/09-3/21/09

Uwah. Dang yo, their hair got LONG. Pretty sexy. ;] I want them to keep their hair like that, but maybe trim the back a little. ^^ They’re there with SNSD for a couple days. =]

Really Boring Long ‘Interview’ With 5 Live (Boring because they barely talked T-T) 3/19/09

Short Interview 3/20/09

Performances 3/21/09




Honestly, I don’t want to know who did what to Onew and Minho’s hair for the performances. So I didn’t watch the fancams because I swear I’ve seen a hundred performances of each song. I mean, I still love them and everything, but all I’m gonna say is I can’t wait until they come back with a great new album…hopefully soon. =]


Oh my. Their hair has gotten reallyyyyy long, hasn’t it???

Video Credits to: mwtshinee, 32673


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