SHINee @ PATTAYA Music Awards Festival 3/21/09 Cont.

So the official videos of their performances came out; too much zooming out for my taste, I think Korea has far better filming skills, but anyhoo, much better than fancams, no?

Oh my, such pros. Dang yo, they were in their ZOOOONE. PERFECT lives, GREAT dancing, right amount of fanservice, hyper and happy attitudes. Just perfect. The best I’ve seen from them so far.

Short News Cut

Part 1 (NYSP+Short Intro/Talk+LLO)

Part 2 (End of LLO+Short Talk+AMIGO)

I got a closer look at their hair, and it’s actually not that bad. I guess it was too long for those sweaty performances, so they blew it up. xDD I actually kind of like it; I could maybe even get used to it. Lols.

Video Credits to: mwtshinee


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