SHINee…Best Newcomer Ever? on Seoulbeats 3/23/09

I don’t know, I just read this, and it made me feel really good. Trust me to pick a really good boy band to fall in love with for the first time and become a crazy fangirl. I have good taste. ;]

Blog: Seoulbeats
Title: Why SM deserves a motherfreaking kudos
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SHINee Cut From Article:
And finally, SHINee. SHINee was probably the best new thing to come out of Kpop in 2008, and they are the reason all other newbie groups (A’ST1, U-Kiss, etc) look like jokes. Not that I’m underestimating how much blood, sweat, and tears went into other entertainment groups’ training, but no one came out on top like SHINee did. They are probably the most disciplined thing to come out of SM in a long time, and they are by far, much better than all their sunbae boyband groups at the time of their own debuts. Big claim to make, but if you really want to compare DBSK’s Hug days with SHINee’s Noona days, you do that and get back to me on it.

SHINee’s performances are absolutely airtight for their young ages and relatively little training (Key’s 1 year compared to some of SuJu’s multiple years). Jonghyun is also one of the most disciplined singers SM has put out. He has a long way to go in terms of stage experience, but just watch this performance of “Romantic.” From about 1:55 all the way to 2:40, Jonghyun essentially sings all his lines in one breath. That is something singers have to take note of.


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