SHINee in New Zealand 3/24/09-3/29/09

Uwah. I didn’t know this! According to an article, SHINee is in New Zealand for photoshooting purposes, maybe even photos for the new album!!! They might already be doing the album jacket~! Uwah so excited! I guess their comeback really is coming next month! They’re staying in Auckland City’s Hotel. Hmm. There’s other speculation that this is for a photobook…or for the album jacket…anyway. Not 100% confirmed yet what it’s for. But if it’s for the album, wow, that gets me thinking about the concept! Apparently they’re at New Zealand for the beautiful scenery as a background. I’m so glad SM is starting to get even more serious about the boys and their concept. Pretty expensive to go all the way to New Zealand for a photoshoot! Soooooo excited!


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  1. Aaaargh!! OMG !! Are they really in NZ? OMG! If they are I PRAY & HOPE that I bump into them, I live in auckland so yippee! Oh but my post is a little late. Are they still here?

  2. That was in March. I have a fan account of what happened and some pictures, so check them out ^^

  3. Aww man :'( *cries* gosh that was probably the closest I’d ever come to meeting any of my fav korean bands :(

    i’ll be sure to check it out :)

  4. Hey wait, sorry but I don’t know where to go to view those pictures of yours? Could you let me know ASAP thanks :)

  5. Omg, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!! I found my way around this site, thanks a bunch for all of these photos and the info. Sorry I feel like i’m annoyingly posting on here!

  6. Lols, it’s cool. I appreciate the comments. =] And no problem~

  7. damn, they should have came to sydney…=)

  8. T.T if only the’d come to christchurch, the scenery’s great here too.

  9. wish i had known coz their’re da closest K-pop group to get to..dammit im a year late, sorri i missed em, it would have been great!!!! im actually listening 2 em now while im typing diz! lol….LUV K-POP especially Dong Bang Shin Ki….

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