SHINee @ JeJu Spring Flower Festival 4/4/09

Yeah, they didn’t cut their hair. No Key (He’s with DBSK at Nanjing for their Mirotic Concert for his special performance in XIAHTIC). Yes, their break has done them so much good. Yes, they are as hype as anything. Yes it is live. Yes I just cannot wait until their comeback.

I think this person was a Bling fan. =] No clips of full perfs yet. They performed LSGO, Amigo, and Replay.

LSGO *Minho did Key’s rap parts, Onew did his vocal parts. Bling was so hype and jumpy and cute! So was Taem with his slicker-than-ever dance moves. =]


Replay *I nearly twisted my head off watching this one. xD Poor Minho. He tried to sub in for Key for the magic mike passing but Taem just went right on ahead with his mike. I love Minho, he’s so sweet. And I think Onew’s mike got knocked out halfway ><.

Video Credits to: AhMiG0


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