SHINee @ Auckland Airport, New Zealand 3/29/09 Cont. 1

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Fan Account 01 by goddessofflash @ SFI

I saw that on the SHINee Bulletins that SHINee was leaving on Sunday…
I checked out when the time of the flight was to Seoul: which is at 12.15pm
and LUCKILY, i was there to pick up my older brother too :D

I went with my dad and my little sister ):
but my dad was realli helpful, he was actualli the one that found SHINee
because he saw a crowd of some girls and he told me that SHINee will be there…
so i went…. and that was SHINee sitting giving autographs
even though there was only a few fans… probably less than 15
the manager wouldn’t let everyone get autographs
i couldnt get one, but both my korean friends did
my dad also took stalker pictures even though the strict manager said we couldn’t lol
SHINee was very shy and probably tired too

Taemin: up close he actualli had lots of blemishes but still so cute :D
he was wearing such a nice coat hehehe… he was very shy and didn’t look up until he was
handing the paper he signed

Key: ALSO up close had many blemishes too, was what i first noticed ;D but i still love him <3
taemin and key were very shy and hardly looked up at us
key was wearing and indiana jones tshirt lol <3333

Onew: I think he was very tired bcoz he had his hoodie on and headphones and
he was kind off sitting at the back, in between SHINee, while SHINee was all sitting
forward-ish cus they were doing the autographs…

Jonghyun: OMFG jonghyun looked so handsome in real life! (though he isn’t my favourite)
Jonghyun looked around at everyone, he had a ‘curious/interested’ facial expression
and he also had a puppy dog face when he was looking around… so hot… and so cute <3

Minho: he looked so much like a model!!!! He was the only member who moved around
and off his seat… HE WAS DEFINITLY VERY TALL!!! he was also so kind, he was the only shinee
member who asked to bother to ask our names and write it down on the page
(well my friends paper)… it was as if the other members were shier and quieter than him!
he was also helping the staff members (all the other shinee members were jus sitting)
HE IS SO SWEET! minho was helping to push the trolley with their bags AND
what touched me even more was when minho was pushing one of the staff members
around because the staff member was injured (i think) because he was on a wheelchair!
Minho was so NICE and SWEET
he was the one who made the most impact on me… my perceptions on him are totally
different now….

SHINee then stood up and went to the departure area…. SO TALL!
though i was depressed that ~I~ didn’t get an autograph from them…. *sigh* maybe next time~
me and my korean friends went to the upper level so we could see SHINee through the window, when they board the plane

SHINee then did a little shopping in the duty free/ galleria area
and key, onew, jonghyun and taemin were all together just walking around casually
(i took videos please excuse my annoying voice and bad video-taking, i’ll try to find a better one, and check the videos my other friends got)
at the part where i screamed (squeeled more like) was because jonghyun looked up at me and waved)
lol the only reason why jonghyun looked up was because i was the only person banging on the window REALLY hard to catch his attention… and he looked up and waved!

in the other video was only minho walking with a LADY staff member (she was very pretty)
they were walking together kekekeke… they looked lyk boyfriend-girlfriend
(you can hear me say: minho would be such a good boyfriend) ;D lol

my dad also took pictures… real bad ones but hey i got them ;D
this was my 3rd day looking for SHINee~ kekeke 3rd time lucky :D



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  2. Wow this girl is so lucky. And aww minho sounds so kind in this!

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