SHINee @ Auckland Airport, New Zealand 3/29/09 Cont. 2

Couple stalker pictures =]



3 Responses

  1. […] the second account. I’m about to throw something. Here’s the order in which you should see it. =] 1 2 Check back again around tomorrow in case I find my patience again and try again and hopefully it […]

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! how could i not have known this!!!! i live 20mins drive from auckland airport!!!!!!!!!!! if only i had known!!!! i am so disappointed in myself!!!!! it sucks so bad that missed it!!! i would have been there showing my full support and letting the guys know that they’re loved and have fans all around the world!!! even ones who aren’t korean and can’t really speak it either!!!! argh!! i could b***h slap myself so hard for missing this!!!!

  3. Nooo!! >:( >:( Okay I am sooo pissed off all over again and upset :( awww why couldn’t i have known about this earlier? :'( Maan I so hate myself :(

    Oh I hope they come back to auckland!!!!

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