Happy 19th Birthday, Jonghyun! 4/8/09

Guyyys. It’s Bling’s birthday! Our first SHINee birthday of the year. (And actually, it’s Bling’s 20th birthday in Korea. They add a year) So as a special, I’m posting a fanvid, some pictures, and why we love him.

Fanvid (made by one of his fansites) *I just smiled so much while watching this.

Video Credits to: randy19972

Some Pictures

Okay. First off, let’s start with the obvious. He is not the lead vocalist of SHINee for nothing. He is just absolutely AMAZING at singing. He has a wide vocal range, hits high notes easily, and has a husky or sweet or powerful voice to match the song’s tone. He was singing ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ at a talent show once, and that’s where he got scouted, because he was just so good.
This is the video. It was him and his friend. The words in blue are his singing, the words in white is his friend singing, and the words in green are both of them. The exact date isn’t known, but it was in 2005, when Bling was in 9th grade (or by the Korean school system, 3rd year of middle school). It’s just audio, the video is just something random of him doing something else.

Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties
His dancing is good, of course, I mean, he’s in SHINee. His fashion sense is very unique and striking and at times a little wacky, which totally works for him. He is a good hyung to Minho and Taemin; and a good friend to Key and Onew. He’s very caring and cheerful and sweet; but he can also be very manly and cool. He is perhaps the most sensitive out of all the members, but also very supportive. Even when he is crying, he will reach out to the crying members next to him and comfort them. He is always curious about everything, and loves his fans. He always makes time for his fans and tries his best to respect their love for him by always being cheerful even when he is tired. He has a super-sensitive camera radar, and will often do some fan service by waving, winking, or just looking in that direction and smiling. He even wears the clothes and presents that his fans send him often. Bling is manly but sweet, lovable, a wonderful singer, and a supportive member of SHINee.

We all love you so much for being the person you are. Happy Birthday!

Incidentally, this is my 100th post (In Korea, 100 is an important number, most of the time 100 days, such as the 100th day of a baby, 100th day of a relationship, etc.) I was hoping that my 100th post would be something special, and I’m glad it was. ^^ Love you Bling!


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