SHINee @ MBC Starry Night Open Studio Recording 4/25/09 Videos

This will be broadcasted on 4/27/09, Monday. They all need to CUT THEIR HAIR. Gawsh almighty. I hope they’re not going to the Hollywood Bowl like that. I hope they’re coming back before Hollywood Bowl. *Sigh*. Not live.





Replay (Boom Track):



Hmm you know, I think Key got his hair trimmed. It looks shorter…and his bangs aren’t as flippy. :/ Lols. Aren’t they hot in those jackets though? I mean come on, it’s spring. Where I am right now, it’s like 85 degrees. (Bleh). Also, I was thinking about why Key isn’t tabbed as a great dancer as much as Taemin. I mean, we all know he is one hot dancer…and I think I know why. Key has a very distinctive, powerful style of dancing, whereas Taemin doesn’t have a style, he has a flexible, light body and nice moves…So Taemin can adapt more easily to all kinds of dances. Sorry, I know that was kind of random. Hahas.

Video Credits to: mwtshinee, randy19972


One Response

  1. thanks for videos links!!
    can’t wait for Hollywood bowl :D

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