SHINee Mini-Concert and Fanmeeting to be Held @ Japan on 6/10/09

Woo!…I think. Why is their first concert going to be in Japan?! What happened to the mother country? *Jealousjealousjealous*. More info:

The official website is here.
Price: 8600 Yen ($90 USD) each designated seat (although I presume the price will vary depending on where you are seated)
Content: Fan meeting and mini-concert. “Surprise Event” CD is also planned to release for purchase.
Selling goods: On that day, you can buy CD’s and penlights
Notes: -Movies, photography and recording are forbidden. You’ll be checked before admission.
– No refunds
Ticket sale date: 2009 Sunday, April 26 18:00 from KJ-net.

So basically…they’re preparing to debut in Japan! With an album and everything. Wow. That was fast. The event will be at Nigano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo.

Also, from now on, if I’m posting SHINee news, I’m going to add a cute picture of them. =]


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