SHINee’s Taemin Casted in MBC’s Sitcom TaeHee, HaeGyo, JiHyun

…o-O LOLS ZOMFG WHAT THE HECK?! AHAHAHAHAHS. THAT’S SO CUTE. Sorry, sorry. Okay, he’s going to start in this sitcom starting May. He will start filming the 28th (tomorrow?!). Not as a cameo, but as a permanent cast member!!! He was casted as Choi Eunkyung’s mom’s friend’s son. (Hahas, yeah, I know that guy, he’s my second cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s friend. xDD)

Isn’t this so…random? Lols! Sure, I’m proud of our maknae and all, and I’m gonna enjoy watching him take a stab at acting (cuz you know it’s gonna be cute, no matter what he does), but…Ahahahas. I honestly thought Minho or Onew would be the first to try out acting. Hmmm… Anyway. I don’t really watch sitcoms, and I’ve never heard of this one. Well, this is gonna go on my to watch list.

Fighting, Taemin!

Oh god. I just had a horrible thought. What if our darling Taem goes MIA like Kibum of SuJu and Yoona of SNSD??? T-T Please don’t let that happen, Father SM. I miss Kibum and Yoona enough already, don’t add Taemin to the list.


2 Responses

  1. waaahh~~

    i really LOVE Taemin!!
    he’s the best for me and will always be the best for me!hehe:))

    hope to see him acting soon~~
    i know he can do it!!

    go MAKNAE!!ahem…myMaKnae rather..~~!

  2. omggg that so cool! i never expected taemin of all the members to start acting! omg im gonna squeal the ENTIRE time i watch this…specially cuz taemin is just about my FAVORITE member!!!

    but…OMG if he goes MIA, i swear i. will. cry.
    literallly, ill become an emotional wreck!

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