SHINee’s Minho Had Plastic Surgery?

Ohmigosh I’m gonna cry. I thought he looked different, but I thought it was because of his very long hair. I hate netizens sometimes. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW IF ONE OF MY FAVORITE IDOLS GOT PLASTIC SURGERY OR NOT. I’m gonna cry. I didn’t think Minho would do something like this, you know? He’s such a deep thinker, and I…urgh. Ohhhhmigosh. I’m pretty sure SHINee didn’t have that much antis, but what if they get some now? And you know netizens, they’re gonna bash the hell out of Minho. =[ You want to know something? The thing I hate most about idols is that they have plastic surgery so they can be prettiER. I really can’t tolerate it. I can understand if someone is really ugly and wants to have plastic surgery, I mean go ahead. I can understand that completely. But if someone is already pretty and has plastic surgery to become prettier…that just makes me want to smack them. Maybe, hopefully, he had it done because of medical reasons. Like Ashley Tisdale. Please let it be because of that. Please clear up all this confusion and dismay. I hate you LSM. But even if it’s not…I’ll still love Minho.
But still…no matter what. I still support SHINee because I love them for who they are, and I hope you guys do too. Isn’t that what fans are for? Unconditional love? Fighting, Minho!

Okay, so, on second thought, maybe it’s the angle or lighting. And another person says that someone edited the picture to look like that. Who knows? Just putting it out there that this might not be true. I sure hope it’s not true.

Please click here for an important update.

I’m really not in the mood, but, 19 more days. <345


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  1. First off, hello! Hope it’s okay to reply. I found your blog through the SHINee community on Livejournal.

    It’s hard to tell if he had it or not. The pictures are at different angles and in different lighting. It does look kind of different, though.

    Even if he did get surgery for purely cosmetic purposes, I still love him. He has been a runway model, and I can’t blame him for doing this if it’s something he wanted to do. I wouldn’t have though he was the kind to do it, though. I agree there.

  2. He did NOT get plastic surgery ….
    Someone put a new nose on that pic …you can see it if you really look close and pay attention
    It’s sooo sad everyone thinks it’s true ..

  3. Do you know where the second set of photos came from? I was looking through photos from their SHINee Sparkling Concert, which are the most recent pictures that I’ve found, and his nose looks completely normal, not anything like those supposed “new” pictures.

  4. if he really had gone for a plastic surgery..,nothing will change..he’s still the MINHO of SHINee..i still love him..:)

  5. Minho..I hope these are all rumors..
    I believe in you..
    I like you just the way you are, you don’t have to change because you can’t please everyone..

  6. before or after the “plastic surgery” u are still the same.
    minho is still minho.
    i am still ur no. 1 fan!!!!

  7. not only his nose, his chin looks different too!!

  8. i’ll not simply believe these fakes story untill Minho do a confession ! or untill he admits that he do the plastic surgery. he’s naturally cute/handsome so why on earth he needs to do that thinggggg

  9. i was watching some old and new performances of SHINee a few months ago and i thought Minho looked different compared to his debut days… and i thought… “whoa… i like Minho’s nose. it’s different and… shiny :D” then i found out that he had surgery.
    i’m kind of having mixed feelings about plastic surgery myself… but i think his plastic surgery nose is actually good. i don’t know how, but to me his new nose fits his image/personality better.
    Korea’s so advanced now i guess… i read somewhere that parents pay for their plastic surgery as a birthday present.

  10. i think that plastic surgeries are becoming a routine procedure for very rich people `

  11. it could be different angles.. but as far as i’ve heard, S.M Entertainment might also involved in forcing him to undergo the surgery. you know S.M is very strict about both looks and talents.. so if it’s not because of the manager forcing him to had it, i guess he’d never had it himself.

  12. Plastic Surgery…

    […]SHINee’s Minho Had Plastic Surgery? « SHINee’s World[…]…

  13. I always supp0rt SHINEE…

  14. emm, im sorry, i not good speak english, and i will give some information abaut a pastic surgery, Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, most plastic surgery is not cosmetic,, plastic surgery includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns…


    in indonesian :; Bedah plastik adalah suatu cabang ilmu kedokteran yang bertujuan untuk merekonstruksi atau memperbaiki bagian tubuh manusia melalui operasi kedokteran. Berasal dari kata bahasa Yunani platikos yang berarti “membentuk”, asal kata bedah jenis ini sebenarnya tidak diturunkan bahan plastik. Jenis bedah plastik secara umum dibagi dua jenis: pembedahan untuk rekonstruksi dan pembedahan untuk kosmetik. Saat ini terdapat 7 peminatan klinis di bidang bedah plastik, Yakni : Bedah Kraniofasial, Bedah Mikro, Bedah Tangan, Luka Bakar, Rekonstruksi Pascaablasi Tumor, Bedah Genitalia Eksterna dan Bedah Estetika.

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  15. Love SHINee 4ever ♥

  16. minhoo…

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  18. Sm entertainment are the one “forcing” them to do things like this. Its crazy that they even agree to it…If the pictures are true, that his nose really has been fixed on…I still LOVe Shinee! I love them all so much! Their music is awesome, and thats why I fell for them all. Those in Sm entertainment should be hanged for stuff like this. His nose was better before, and why even do it? I mean, he, Minho had a pretty nose already. what is wrong with this world?

  19. i like you like that so don’t be worry

  20. Frst of all, so what? So what if he had plastic surgeyr. He is still him, and I don’t see much difference. Secondly, he is young, he is still growing. Do you look exactly the same as when you were young? Please…….there are more important things to worry and fret about in the world.

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  22. Minho oppa, I don’t if the rumors is true or not. But, I still love you. I like the way you are and I will supported you ’till the end. Minho oppa fighting!! SHINee oppa jjang !!

  23. Minho oppa, I don’t know if the rumors is true or not. But, I still love you. I like the way you are and I will supported you ’till the end. Minho oppa fighting!! SHINee oppa jjang !!

  24. I just want to say that he never had plastic surgery. All these years I thought he did until I actually looked at the photo closely.. They poorly photoshopped his nose! How could I not notice this before?!

    in conclusion,


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