SHINee @ Osan Water Scent Festival 5/4/09 Videos

Ohhhmigosh. Please hurry up and be May 19th already.
Kindof LQ. Sorry. :/



Onew fancam

Taemin fancam *Dangg yo. He got EVEN BETTER at dancing. Mad crazy. Hahas. Watch for the necklace flick at 1:40. =D

I’m going to go on an Onew spazz-flail-rant here. If you didn’t know before now, Onew is my favorite member. Well now you know. Okay. SOOOO. Onew is sooo hot and sexyyy now! But he still has that little touch of adorableness, but it’s like all…suave. =D He’s gotten pretty muscular, he’s not all bones-and-sticks anymore. Also, remember those adorable touches he would put into Amigo? Remember how they’re adorable, but still kind of awkward, but that was just adorable anyway? Watch how that subtly changed into something really smooth and cool. He’s so mature now! And it was so cute how he kept holding onto his hat so it wouldn’t fall off, but in the end it fell off anyway. And then he kicked it up with his feet and put it back on. Ohhmigosh. He has such slick moves sometimes. AHHHH *flail* Ok I’m done. Thanks for bearing with me. xD Maybe I’ll go on an each member rant as a countdown from five or something before their comeback. That’s a good idea. =D Now I just have to remember it.

Video Credits to: randy19972, mwtshinee


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