SHINee @ Hope TV Children’s Day Special 5/5/09

Ahhh. Finally a real live broadcast. How long has it been??? Gawsh. I have to tell you, I was almost in heaven. Haven’t seen them on TV for suuuuch a while, always just fancams that make me dizzy. Only almost in heaven, cuz I won’t be in heaven til they come back. <3 And hahahahahas, Onew has no hat. He has cute but mature hair. =D Not much closeups though, espesh of Key! So mad. But there’s a fancam though yhay. =D And like seriously? What’s up with Taemin’s hair? IT’S CHANGED LIKE 4 TIMES!!! GoonPo Festival, Osan Water Scent Festival, TaeHee, HyeGyo, JiHyun filming, and today, which is 87th Children’s Day Event and here.


Key fancam *Key is a sexy beast.

MingBling Moment *Ohmigod. They’re so cute and funny together. It’s so weird to see Bling’s eyebrows! Lols. I’m not used to it.

A Goose’s Dream ft. Insooni
Bling has such a wonderfully soft voice sometimes.


Minho fancam

Video Credits to: randy19972


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