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No news today, so I didn’t have any posts to tack these reminders on.

Hollywood Bowl is this Saturday! Ugh. I mean. Like seriously though? I’m SO MAD. I live on the East Coast. Damnit. It just kills me to know that they’re gonna be in the States and I can’t go see them. They might as well be in Korea, that’s how far LA is from my place. Whatever. I’m gonna have a busy time uploading all the fancams and pictures. <3

12 more days!!! <345


2 Responses

  1. Ugh, me either. It was too late to buy the tickets, well not really, but the seats were like FAR FAR FAR away. Ugh, gosh, I’m really mad too, I can’t believe they’re going to the states and I can’t even see them, anyways, I hope they can come next year too, ‘cuz if they do I will buy the best tickets.

  2. I know how you feel. I live on the east coast as well and as much as I LOVELOVELOVE SHINee I just can’t afford to do. ;0; Hopefully they’ll do a concert on the east coast someday.

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