SHINee’s 2nd Mini-Album Update

In this video…
1. Album Image
2. Pictures of when they were in New Zealand
Up to 1:01. The BGM is Amigo Instrumental.

Video Credits to: mwtshinee

So uh. I’m just not gonna say anything about 1…You know, back in the right-before-Amigo days, and I heard their new song would be called ‘Amigo’, I totally thought it would be like a sad ballad type of song about a guy friend’s unrequited love…sort of like what is now 2AM’s ‘A Friend’s Confession’. Cuz you know how amigo means friend in spanish… How wrong I was. Lols. But I loved their MV and comeback and everything. So I’m just not gonna make any judgements right now, although I’ll admit I was a bit shocked. This is contemporary SHINee we’re talking about, 2008’s best newcomer. We can expect the unexpected. ;] I have to say though, the New Zealand pictures are HOT. Espesh Onew. <3456789

More album info:
Korea’s best 2008 newcomer is back with their new album “Romeo.” In their new mini-album, not only will SHINee members bring to fans an improvement in their music, there will also be drastic changes in their dance choreography and outfits. Regardless, it is destined to become a best-seller among their fans once it is released.
Their songs in the mini album are:

Title track: 1. 타이틀: 강한남성이미지
2. 애절한발라드1곡 (Ballad)
3. 쫑생파에서 살짝언급한노래 (댄스계열 추측)
4. 켄지님의 상큼한 곡
5. 사.계.한 2 (Love Should Go On Part 2/Version 2)

Full release of the album is May 21, 2009.
Teaser of the title song will be on the 18th.

SHINee stated: We are nervous yet excited about bringing fans our newest music and dance in the near future. We believe that the hard work and effort that we have put in will not disappoint our fans. Please continue to support us just like in the past. It’s a new style of music and a brand new style of performance for us. That makes us very nervous as much as it makes us happy just waiting for this day. We’re preparing ourselves a lot! So you can expect a great performance from us. We want to thank you for being so interested in us. And we also want to ask you to look forward our comeback!

Hm…drastic changes, eh. =]

So now I have to change my countdown.

9 more days <345 until full album. 5/21/09
6 more days <345 until title track teaser. 5/18/09


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