SHINee’s Romeo Music Video Teaser + Other Info

KYAAAAAA *flail*. Okay okay, I’ll admit it. The mask things kind of grew on me, and hey, they actually look really good in here. AND the better thing is, I totally get the mask concept; before, I thought it was really random. They look SO GOOD. AND COOL. Is Minho gonna be the main character in the MV again? Not that I have a problem with it, it’s just I wish they would give the other members a chance. The girl is Krystal Jung, the younger sister of Jessica in SNSD. Yes, I’m jealous too. But I’m trying to keep it down. I can’t do this everytime they come in contact with a girl. Can’t wait until the full MV comes out~!!

Other Info:
-Soooo. Remember that teaser with vocals I posted in my previous teaser update post? That song is quite possible a remake off of Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal With It’. Yes, the guy from High School Musical. Bleccch. But still. I like SHINee’s remake, atleast what I’ve heard of it, sounds so much more mature and better.
-Tentative Tracklist:
1. Senorita (What is with their Spanish song names??? Y Si Fuera Ella, Amigo, and now this. Lols. Y Si Fuera Ella, btw, means And If I Was Her.)
2. A Boy Meets A Girl (My translation)
3. Please Don’t Go (Official English title. The translated title would be Sleeptalk)
4. Juliet (Not confirmed…but official name of title track?)
-Soo. There are two songs missing. And some more info about this:
1. Onew wrote some of the lyrics to one of the songs.
2. Sean Anderson wrote one of the songs.
3. Bling wrote some of the lyrics to Juliet.
Yes, those criteria overlap. We’ll find out what’s what soon enough.

Wow. I’m glad Bling finally got to write some lyrics, because I know that’s one of his dreams right now, to become a songwriter. Onew…was a bit of a surprise, but I can totally see him doing that. It fits. I can’t wait for some more info on this!

Video Credits to: randy19972


3 Responses

  1. thanks for the update…

    just one thing….

    “y si fuera ella” actually means “if it was her/if i was her”…believe me im mexican

  2. on snapsss my bad. i mixed it up with something else. thnx. =]

  3. jeje no prob :p once again thanks for the updates

    cant wait for “at least” the tittle (full)song leak jajajaja

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