SHINee’s Comeback Pushed To 5/28/09, Mini-Album Release Pushed To 5/25/09


Ohhhhmigosh. I’m gonna CRY. Apparently, our darling leader Ondubu tripped on the stairs to their dorms on their way back from practice, fell, and dislocated his incisors. The doctor says that it’ll take him 1-2 weeks to recover. Thus, their comeback was pushed back to the 28th of May, which is next Friday, and the release of their mini-album to the 27th of May. *Sigh* Silly Dubu. First, he tripped and sprained his ankle and performed on top of that anyway and made it worse and had to be carried to a hospital. And now this. PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL, DARLING. T_T We’ll all hope for a speedy recovery and a spectacular comeback.

Their 2nd mini-album will be released the 25th of May, their one year anniversary. <3
Wow. Already a year has passed. Also…maybe it's better that their comeback was pushed back. I felt like there wasn't enough hype. Let's sit back, relax, watch Juliette shoot up the music charts, pray for Onew's teeth, and wait for their comeback. I'm gonna flinch every time I see a picture of Onew's beautiful smile until I see that he's okay.

Video Credits to: mwtshinee


2 Responses

  1. ok dont take this the wrong way i love SHINee
    but does any one else think that Onew falling is a total fail

  2. *raises hand* ME! Ohhmigosh. There is a time and place for the Onew Condition. xD *sighh* Now we all have to wait another week. But Onew fail is his charm, and he’s adorable for it…except I swear I have NEVER heard of anyone dislocating their teeth before LOLS.

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