SHINee’s Juliette MV Released 5/22/09


And here’s the English subbed version.

Where to start where to start??? Ok, how about plotline. Basically, just the teaser interspersed with dancing and singing clips…I’m not that jealous of Krystal anymore. She didn’t do anything. Lols. Smart move, LSM. What I want to talk about are the dancing and singing clips! HOT DAYUM. Okayy so I’m thinking that mostly in the first half, they’re wearing colorful outfits with curly hair. In the latter half, they’re wearing darker outfits with straight hair. And their hair! I love their hair. Sooo sexy, espesh Bling! I love his mohawkish hair, it actually fits him so much better! And in the latter half with the dark outfits, he has blue highlights! So cool! Their darker outfits are actually a bit reminiscent of their outfits at Golden Disk. And Key’s hat! ZOMFG I love it. And they all get more solo dancing time, and Onew and Bling are in the center sometimes too, it’s not all just Taemin! They also switched around their dance formation and stuff, so they’re not always in the same spot like in their previous songs. Wow, baby Taem just kinda ran away and disappeared somewhere, and in his place is this sexyy beast. Minho is sexy as well, zomfg, I love his rap part! See that little kiss he blows at the end of his rap? And Onew is so adorably hawwt. They are even MORE pro now. And oh my…are they wearing CONTACTS? :D I can’t wait even more until their comeback!!! Wonder what outfits they’re gonna wear. My preference are the darker outfits, so much cooler and sexier. KYAAAAAAA. *flail squeal spazz* I’m gonna go fangirl another time over the music video. Kthnxbai.

Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties, wondersmurf


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  1. This is my opinion: I really think during their break, they probably didn’t get that much free time, yeah, because they had to work on the dances, the lyrics, and lots of stuff, like the music video. So they really should need a break where they can kick back and relax(:

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