SHINee’s First Anniversary 5/25/09

Wow. Already a year has passed. Really, that just about sums up everything. So anyway, in honor of their anniversary, I’m doing an appreciation post, like what I did for Bling’s birthday.

Most, or all of the kpop entertainers had a lot of (or atleast some) hype before their debut. Even from the start, SHINee was different. SHINee remained ‘secret’ until five days before their debut. SHINee debuted with NYSP, and the image of a ‘contemporary band’. They swept the music scene with their perfect lives, slick and tight dancing, professional attitudes, cute fashion and faces, and above all, their adorable personalities. SHINee had many fans from the start, and swept up all the rookie music awards for 2008. A year has passed already, and they’ve come back more mature and professional.


Video Credits to: situponatree

Official Live Debut

Video Credits to: thfk3788

Without a break, they released their first album, The SHINee World and plunged into promoting Love Like Oxygen. This was their first song to top the charts. It topped the charts on MNet and SBS InkiGayo.


Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties

MNet #1 Winning+Encore

Video Credits to: randy1997

SBS InkiGayo #1+Encore

Video Credits to: randy1997

Again, without a break, they released a repackaged version of their first album titled Amigo.


Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties

Comeback on SBS InkiGayo

Video Credits to: randy1997

They finally took a well deserved break after 9 months of nonstop promoting and performing. They finally just recently came back after much anticipation as the 21st Century Romeos with a second mini-album, ‘Romeo’, and their title track as ‘Juliette’, to which Jonghyun wrote the lyrics himself.

Juliette MV

Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties

Each member of SHINee is essential to the group. What would happen to SHINee without…

Lovable, clumsy Dubu

Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties

Video Credits to: d0ngbangjunior

Manly and sweet Bling

Video Credits to: randy19972

Video Credits to: WRShining

Adorable but also at times sexy Taem

Video Credits to: randy19972
(Check out those smirks in the beginning and end)

Video Credits to: randy19972

Thoughtful, handsome Minho

Video Credits to: shineesubs02

Video Credits to: randy19972

Umma-like but smexy Key
(This is the fancam that made me fall in love with Key)

Video Credits to: randy19972

Video Credits to: randy19972

What is even more endearing about SHINee is their relationships with one another. It is clear to the fans that they really love each other and care about each other and literally are a family.


Video Credits to: 32673


Video Credits to: yootina

MingBling (HoHyun)

Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties

MinKey (HoKey?)

Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties


Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties


Video Credits to: randy19972


Video Credits to: misterkrabspatties

Sorry, that was alot. Buutt, I’m done.

Hwaiting SHINee!
Hwaiting SHINee World!

We all love you, SHINee…Happy 1st Anniversary!



2 Responses

  1. Wow nice recopilation
    I’m going to watch all the videos when I have some time :D
    I love SHINee <3

  2. yeah!! love them!!!

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