SHINee’s 2nd Mini-Album: Another Remake, On the Music Charts, DBSK Member Wrote Lyrics


Soo. Apparently the song Hit Me Baby is a remake of Bad Case by Jackie Boyz.

Micky Yoochun wrote the rap lyrics to Senorita.

And on a much more happier note, all of the songs on SHINee’s mini-album are in the top 20. And Please Don’t Go topped the charts! Kyaa my favorite song. <333
Please Don't Go-#1
Hit Me Baby-#11
Talk To You-#18

Also, the mini-album is #1 on this week’s album sales. Whooo!


One Response

  1. Congrats SHINee!!!! Wooot Wooot! Please don’t go is my fav song from their mini album!

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