SHINee’s Comeback Postponed…Maybe



Okay okay. Now I feel bad. Anyway. So this past Saturday, South Korea’s former president committed suicide. In honor of him, most of the weekend broadcasts were cancelled, and a week-long funeral will be held for him. Thus, broadcasts on May 29th, this Friday, will also be cancelled.

Onew has recovered faster than expected. So he’s doing fine. :]

SO…Idk if their comeback is gonna be on Music Core this Saturday (Yhay hopefully!) or (bleh) pushed to next Friday again.

So…it’s still not sure yet whether or not KBS is gonna go through with their regular Friday broadcasts. Or when SHINee is actually making their comeback. So I guess we won’t find out until Friday or Saturday. Urgh. Dying here.


2 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh, seriously? I HOPE THEY WILL PERFORM!!! Cuz I’ve been waiting FOREVER! Why the the former president commit suicide anyways? * Cross Fingers && Hopes they perform this Friday*

  2. Really??!
    Aaaaaaaa, why?? *cry in pain*

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