SHINee’s Comeback Next Week+Interview

Argh. .Stab stab. You’re kidding me. I have to wait ANOTHER FRIKKIN WEEK?! That means that their comeback was postponed for 3 WEEKS OF TORTURE! qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./

Anyhoo. I was reading this interview from them (nothing really new, so I’m not putting it in a seperate post.) and ZOMFG I came across the CUTEST thing. Sooo they live in a 4 bedroom apartment (which i DID NOT know, by the way…That’s pretty big. o-O I mean, I watched their Yunhanam show, but their apartment didn’t look THAT big…) but they all sleep in one room in bunk beds. At first, this was because of reasons of team unification and to feel closer, but now they would feel weird if they slept in seperate rooms. And Key umma said: “Although our personalities and habits are different, everyone is able to learn a lot from everyone else. Instead of saying that we are good friends, we should be a called a family instead. We are a family.” Awwws. <3
This is how they sleep: There are two bunk beds, and a single bed in between. Jonghyun and Taemin share a bunk, with Bling on the top bunk. Onew sleeps in the middle single bed. Key and Minho share a bunk, with Key on the top bunk. So adoooorable :)

Also, some info about their album…their fans are the 'Juliette's and they are the Romeos. New fanclub name? The Juliettes. Lols. And the album is a story. 'Talk To You' is the first meeting between a girl and a boy. 'Juliette' is when the boy confesses his love. The couple has a fight in 'Hit Me Baby'. In Senorita, the boy is lonely and misses the girl. In 'Please Don't Go', the boy asks the girl to come back, but they eventually seperate in 'Romeo+Juliette'. I absolutely love it when songs in an album actually FIT together in a logical order, and not just random songs thrown together into a CD.


2 Responses

  1. How adorabbleeee. (:

  2. i wish onew get well soon so they can promote their 2nd mini album.i wathed yunhanam too i really like taemin(he still a child who is need key omma love khe5x) but jonghyun i feel like he is romantic guy.onew really funny,minho is the coolest member and key is lovely guy.

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