SHINee’s Album Jacket and MV Shooting BTS on ETN and Arirang Showbiz Extra 6/2/09

YES I was waiting for this. ZOMFG THEY’RE SOOOOOOO ADORABLE. Every second is just full of something absolutely adorable. Keep your eyes and ears open for couple moments. <3333 LOLS they’re just TOO funny.

This one is English subbed and is pretty cute too, espesh the Umma-adeul hair flick near the end. XD

Video Credits to: YoDubu1, almightyk1n


3 Responses

  1. I agree with you, they’re adorable! I just wanna pinch their cheeks <3

  2. yeahh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Minhoo !!!!!!!!!!
    u’re my romeo !!!!! xD lols.

    they was soo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  3. Huah Taemin dongseng really cool.i’m really happy to see his growth.SHINee fighting!and SHINee world fighting!we’re your juliette,always love n support you!

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