SHINee @ SukMyung Girls’ University 6/4/09

Onew looks like his teeth hurt, he’s not smiling right. I’m gonna cry. T-T And Key is SO BLONDE. O-O And HoHyun! My new favorite couple. <3

Again, didn’t watch them yet.



Bling fancam

In My Room

Bling fancam

Replay (Boom Track)
Onew fancam

Taemin fancam *He’s so unbelievably skinny.

Video Credits to: YoDubu1


5 Responses

  1. hey!! u know???
    SHINee win in their comeback!!!!!!!! xD

    i’m soo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my dear… He seems really painful with his teeth…. I wanna cry… I miss his previous cute smile!!

  3. […] SHINee @ SukMyung Girls’ University 6/4/09 Update Fancams uploaded. Click here. […]

  4. If there is eng sub in the the interview, that will be perfect!!! I really want to know what they are talking about…

  5. oh, btw, I like the picture you have changed for the background. Onew is so shiny!! ^-^

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